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Startup Mode is about developing brands, marketing strategies, and web development through implementing innovative strategies to scale early stage startups or small businesses.

Going startup mode means acquiring custom resources needed in order to scale successfully.


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Berlyn was an integral part to both building the HER community and growing our influencer marketing campaigns. She’s always building and developing skills, has an incredibly positive approach to work, and is great fun to work alongside.
— Robyn Exton, HER LGBTQ Social App
Berlyn has done several small and large projects for my startup that had pressing deadline dates for my launch. I met with her to talk about what my brand was and what we wanted to achieve in the long run, gave her the project of writing creative copy for our first product launch line, and circled back with her mid-deadline to check on progress. She gets it. She truly immersed herself in our industry, nailed our ‘speak’, and presented in-depth analysis for our customer archetypes. I know I can trust her to work relentlessly even when
— T, (Pending Launch)
Berlyn is the best! I gave her a simple outline of what I was looking for and she blew it out of the park. She helped me come up with my brand colors, fonts, logo and took perfect photos that made everything cohesive. I love how clean and user friendly she made everything! She was also super helpful when I wanted to tweak things a few weeks later. Not only has my website helped me generate business that I would not normally be able get , but everyone always complements me on how great it is and wants to know my secrets.
I’ve been working with Berlyn for a few months now since I first launched HomeBox247. She is always on top of what needs to be completed and if I’m not available for our weekly scheduled meeting, she’ll send me an in depth report on partner relationships, social media activity, and even hiring staff for my startup. She did my website, pitch deck for investors, and oversees our hosts. When I give her a budget for a specific project, she always finds ways to save money and truly understands how to bootstrap. There’s almost nothing that she can’t do.


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I became a free agent for entrepreneurs and small business owners because I am passionate about all things groundbreaking, pivotal, and creative.

Deliberately planning, following through, and adjusting when necessary to always stay on track has taught me how to wear many hats and do a superior job aligning to whichever task I am in at a time.

I distinguish myself apart from others by acting boldly without being limited by resources - a skill I have mastered through my fixation for working in and around the startup world.